About PicTours Alaska |

Our Outlook

We specialize in providing a unique vacation experience for visitors to Anchorage, Alaska. PicTours Alaska, Inc. safely guides our guests into the wilderness to sightsee wildlife and surrounding glaciers. Our award winning, Wilderness, Wildlife & Glacier Experience is created to build a lifetime of memories by offering complimentary lessons on our approach towards wilderness photography.

We Have Dedicated Ourselves to Acheive a High Customer Satisfaction from each Guest
At PicTours Alaska, Inc. our business approach is to be exceptional in the many facets required to execute an experience worthy of our customers to walk away and wanting to tell others of their 5 Star Experience while visiting Alaska.

It Starts with Safety for Everyone
Safety is a never-ending-practice here at PicTours Alaska. From sanitizing each personal seating area to daily inspections, safety is incorporated in every aspect of our experience. Throuhout the day we scan, review and assess situations that will maintain high standards of safety for every passenger.

Genuine Sincerity and Compassion
We view every passenger as their own individual. Each with unique thoughts, creative spirits and specific wants or expectations. By embracing the diversity that we face with each tour group, PicTours Alaska sets its self apart by creating a genuine atmosphere that allows for personal growth and matching a level of authenticity that allows guests to enjoy a solid memorable experience.

Everyday, We Give Customers a Fresh and Engaging Experience
This is at the heart of what makes PicTours Alaska stand-out worldwide. It must be said, that we refuse to be a cookie-cutter, "ho-hum" provider of tours. We thrive knowing that Alaska is a dynamic place, controlled by Mother Nature's ever-changing forces. Our daily planning is based on reading seasonal weather patterns, understanding the tides, cross-checking with wildlife migration routes and who we have onboard as passengers. Because we make every PicTours Alaska excursion a custom experience, each tour is never duplicated twice.

Quality before Profit--Our Promise
Fact be told, many tour companies measure success by how many seats is sold per trip. Fair enough, being profitable is an important reality for every business--ours is no different. With that said, PicTours Alaska will never compromise Customer Satisfaction for making a quick "buck." We respect and value each experience that is shared with every passenger. Our goal is to provide a lifetime experience for every passenger.

Our Mission
To embrace those actions that will deliver the highest vacation experience for our guests. Create an atmosphere of safety, awareness and comfort that will foster creativity, open discussion and sharing of memories. To inspire respect for mother nature by openly demonstrating a responsible method to outdoor activity.

We Care
PicTours Alaska, Inc. has elected as a company to commit 1% of Gross Sales or 2% of Profits whichever is greater, towards its Eco-Community Program. The Eco-Community Program will receive annual funding and distribute towards awarding organizations that serve towards improving our ecology, community or planet.

Our Awards & Accolades
Each tour concentrates on taking visitors to the most scenic areas so our guests may photograph local wildlife, view natural landscapes. However we also strive to raise greater awareness of our local cultures, our heritage, understanding Alaska's economic impact, while describing the needs and well-being of its state-wide communities.

- 2020 Winner, Traveler's Choice Award, TripAdvisor

- 2019 Nominee, Seymour Award, Visit Anchorage, Convention & Visitors Bureau

- 2019 Winner, Alaska Tourism Industry Business Achievement Award, Anchorage Daily News

- 2019 Winner, Certificate of Excellence, TripAdvisor

- 2018 Finalist, Smithsonian Magazine Photo Contest, Mobile Photography category

- 2018 Winner, Certificate of Excellence, TripAdvisor

- Eco-Friendly Tour Operator, 2018 by Travel & Hospitality Magazine

Our Fleet of Vans PicTours Alaska van holds 15 passengers. It is well maintained, sanitized and is ideal for wildlife viewing. In fact, one can easily describe the PicTours Alaska van has being athletic and nimble. Very important for those off the beaten path scenic opportunities.